Lincoln City Council - Agenda Search

While watching the City Council meeting on Feb 22, 2021, I heard one of the members suggest that the CJIS update has been a very long ongoing discussion. I wanted to learn more about the matter and went to the City Council's website to search through the agendas. The search on their site is broken and returns "No Results" no matter what you search for.

I hope the council members have access to better search tools than we do, but it's still frustrating that the public has no easy way to search the records (plus, the records only go back to 2018). During the meeting I wrote a script to scrape and then download all of the Agenda PDFs. After that I ran ran them through a lightweight full-text search engine and then built this site so we can search through the Agendas. Perhaps it will be helpful to others.

We need more transparency in our government, especially when it comes to awarding and approving multi-million dollar projects. Please consider voting for me this April/May for Lincoln City Council.